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Why choose Copeland Insurance Group?

Copeland Insurance Group has been a leader in the insurance business since 1962. We are a national FMO that strives to be both high-touch and high-tech — embracing new technology while never losing sight of the power of personal connections.

As part of Integrity Marketing Group, we offer the Integrity Suite of Solutions, empowering our agents and agencies with the best technology in the industry. This includes MedicareCENTER, LeadCENTER, Ask Integrity and more. As Integrity technology expands, so do the capabilities of those who work with us.

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Agent & Agency support

As an Integrity Partner, we offer best-in-class technology and resources to contracted agents and agencies, such as:

  • In-house Marketing – customized marketing pieces such as brochures, flyers, direct mailers, social media, and more
  • Rx Assistant Program – agents can use this opportunity to partner with a local pharmacy to better serve their community, answering Medicare-related questions, and serving consumers where they live
  • T-65 App – includes a locator, Med Sup Rates, Final Expense Rates, Hospital Indemnity Rates, Dental Vision Hearing Rates and more
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  • MedicareCENTER – one-stop business management solution with online quoting and enrollment, CRM, compliant Call Recording and more
  • Ask Integrity – the AI-powered solution designed to help agents connect with their clients and work smarter
  • LeadCENTER – nationwide high-quality leads, including live local leads sent directly to agents
  • Exclusive data insights and market analysis that helps agents and agencies shape their growth pathMarketing Insights – our relationship with Deft Marketing gives us access to resources, helping us keep agents informed with insights from the latest industry research
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Some of our services

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Buying insurance online or through a 1-800 number may work for some, but we offer clients a professional who knows exactly what clients need to support their health.

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Medicare Part C (also called Medicare Advantage) can offer a simpler way to add extra benefits to Original Medicare Part A and Part B. Agents offer guidance to finding out which option works best for each person’s unique situation.

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Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and that’s where Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap) plans come in. Clients will have additional coverage for expenses that can make a real difference if there are unexpected medical costs or an illness.

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Add prescription drug coverage to Original Medicare Parts A and B to better handle the expense of prescription drugs, especially if there are health changes or a need for more medications over time.

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Final Expense Insurance is available for purchase once an individual turns 50 years old. These low face value plans (from $2,000 to $50,000) pay the beneficiary within 24 hours of the insured’s death and are designed to pay for burial and other final expenses.

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We offer a full suite of ancillary products to help round out coverage for clients. These include Dental, Vision, Hearing, Cancer, Hospital Indemnity, Long Term Care and more. Ask about our full spectrum of products to support a wide array of health and financial needs.

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Our values.

We know that the connection between our agents and the clients they serve is crucial to everything that we do. That’s why we support our agents with services that they can count on. We are a stable, guiding force in their career as they and their client prepare for the good days ahead.
Copeland Insurance Group has a well-earned reputation for doing business with the highest standard of professionalism, integrity, and trust. We pride ourselves on creating a family feel and supporting our agents and clients with a personal, service-oriented approach.
We teach our agents how to sell, but more than that, we show them how to run their business to achieve sustainable growth. We are high-touch and high-tech. We combine our knowledge about how to create trusting client relationships with industry-leading technology resources that give you the capacity you need to lead the competition. If you’re ready to take a service-oriented approach to your business, we’re here as your guide to growth.
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