Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorbike, it is an absolute necessity that you carry a motorbike insurance policy. Not only do you want to protect yourself and your bike, but you need to be covered for damages and losses that occur that may come from any accidents you become involved with. If you haven’t purchased your bike, yet, this may be an excellent place for you to start as different types of bikes will have varying insurance costs. From one bike to another, costs can vary from five to ten times.

Liability Insurance

This type of coverage will take care of any damage or injury that you cause to someone’s property or others if it is determined that you are to be liable for the accident or collision. Your motorbike insurance coverage will also reflect the safety features of your bike, its would-be costs of repair in case of accident or covered loss, and the value of your bike. A higher deductible can substantially lower your monthly premiums; however, it is important to choose your deductible while being aware of the amount of money your budget can handle paying out-of-pocket in case of accident or some other kind of loss. Copeland Insurance Group can assist you with the details and configuration of your coverage with the particulars of your bike.

The carrier may also offer discounts if you are a member of a motorcycle association – some insurance carriers will provide a discount if you are a member of the following: American Motorcycle Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Gold Wing Touring Association, Harley Owners Group, Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Venture Touring Society.

Below are areas in which you can possibly save money on your insurance.

  1. Raise Your Motorcycle Insurance Deductible
  2. Avoid making the Small Motorcycle Insurance Claims
  3. Motorcycle Insurance Discounts
  4. Exclude a Rider from Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy
  5. If You Ride Solo, Bypass Guest Passenger Liability
  6. Keep a Decent Credit Score
  7. Check Your Driving Record for Errors
  8. Avoid Sport Models

Your Copeland Insurance Group agent will be more than happy to assist you in determined the best coverage for your needs.