Farm and Ranch Insurance

A basic Texas farm and ranch insurance policy can be compared to an extended “homeowner’s policy” for farm or ranch owners. We help farmers and ranchers in every situation possible in regard to their insurance needs – tailoring the policy with acre-by-acre protection. Many insurance companies will allow clients to customize their farm and ranch policies to cover perils, however, the basic farm and ranch policy typically covers the following instances:

  • Loss of your home or certain types of damage to your home.
  • Loss of your barn or outbuildings or certain types of damage to your barn or outbuildings.
  • Accidental death of your stock caused by lightning, fire, predator attack, accidental shooting, or drowning.
  • Liability claims brought by third parties who are on your property with your permission and the incident did not happen in connection with your equine business operations.
  • Medical bills for third parties who are on your property with your permission are injured from an occurrence that did not arise from your business operation.

At Copeland Insurance Group, we want to ensure that there is protection for your specific type of farms or ranch. Each type of farm or ranch operation faces its own unique risks and exposure. We have listed some of the most common types with the more typical exposures for each.

Commercial Farms and Ranches

As your farm or ranch grows, it’s critically important to talk to your agent about all the activities of your operation to help ensure your business is properly insured. Depending on your operation, we may be able to combine a farm or ranch insurance policy with commercial liability and commercial property coverage to give you the customized coverage you need.

Whether your type of operation is listed below or not, we can work together to find a coverage to take care of your operation’s needs so we can help you protect it.

Row Crop Farms

Row Crop farmers have a narrow window in the seasons for planting, spraying, cultivating and harvesting their crops – protecting your equipment is essential in enabling you to hit your critical timing windows.

Livestock Farms

Livestock farmers and ranchers face some very unique liability risks. For example maybe an animals that wander out in the middle of the road and gets hit or reacts in an unexpected way and hurts someone. This type of farm insurance provides protection for the specialized risks livestock farms and ranches encounter while building their business.

Equine Farms

Working with horses also involves some major liability risks and various elements of exposure. There a certain areas and various levels liability insurance are essential if the public ever enters your property. Most carriers offer optional coverage that can be customized to horse farms and ranches for boarding, breeding and training.

Cattle Ranch

As a livestock rancher, you understand you are probably very aware of your liabilities owning cattle, particularly when working directly with animals so at Copeland Insurance Group wants to ensure you have the proper liability coverage in place. Cattle can be an expensive aspect of your cattle ranch and need to have the adequate protection to keep your assets safe.

Copeland Insurance Group agents are some of the most experience in Texas and can offer the best possible solution and protection for your farm and ranch at some of the lowest costs possible. Whether you live and work on the farm, rent the land you farm, or rent out your farm to other entities, Copeland Insurance Group agents are available to help customize the right coverage to meet your farming and ranching insurance needs. A Copeland Group Insurance agent will work directly with you to better understand your business needs so you are adequately covered. Call today for a quote.