Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance keeps your business from closing its doors due to unexpected events. If you're closed for business, you still have to pay the bills – employees, rent or mortgage, suppliers, taxes and yourself.

What business interruption insurance covers

Business interruption insurance can keep capital flowing through your company in the event of such disruptions.

  • Keep your business afloat if a loss forces you to close for a short time.
  • Pay for lost net income and continuing expenses such as mortgage, advertising, taxes and salaries.
  • Pay your relocation and advertising fees if you set up shop at a temporary site.
  • Maintain your business continuity strategy.

Buy-Sell Insurance

In order to ensure a smooth transition and to protect the financial security of the business in the event of the death.

The most common source of funding for a buy-sell agreement is life or disability insurance. Typically, a separate policy is purchased for each business owner that will payout a sufficient amount in the case of an owner’s death or disability to purchase that partners portion of the business.

The insurance policy not only guarantees funding for the deceased partners family or beneficiary but also protects the business from additional hardship due to the costs associated with purchasing the deceased partners share of the business.

Care should be taken in order to ensure that the structure of the insurance matches the structure of the buy-sell agreement so that the correct policy owner and beneficiary are identified.

Key Man Life Insurance

Key man insurance, a.k.a. key person insurance or key employee insurance is coverage that will protect a company in the case of an untimely death or disability of a top salesperson, executive or business owner. Key man insurance provides peace of mind to business owners and shareholders alike knowing that the business can continue operations without major disruption in the event of the loss of a key employee. If death or disability strikes your company, key person insurance may be the difference between the company’s demise and its ultimate success.