Business Property

Having a business property insurance policy, (which is also known as (commercial property insurance) in place is crucial. Copeland Insurance Group has experienced agents that can match your business needs to an insurance carrier who can insure your property when damages occur.

When you own a small business, you have to prepare yourself for anything and everything that could happen to your business. Your property can be broken into, vandalized or perhaps an environmental disaster could occur and totally decimate your property and all its contents. Whenever you conduct business without having property insurance in place, you’re taking an enormous risk that you might be unable to recover from in case something does take place.

There are generally two types of business property insurance:

Specific Loss Policy – This type of business property insurance covers loss due to a particular cause like ‘Fire’ or ‘Theft’.

General Policy – This type of Business property insurance covers loss due to a number of causes pre-defined in the policy. The general coverage will protect your business from the financial ruin that could occur if your business owns property that could be lost, stolen, or even damaged. Even if you do not own the building in which you conduct business in, the coverage will protect your assets whether it be computers, equipment, inventory and supplies that you store at the facility. Property insurance will cover everything that is lost due to fire, hail storms, smoke, wind, and civil disobedience such as vandalism.

Broad Protection

Business property insurance from Copeland Insurance Group can help protect the property your business owns and leases, including things like medical equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. We also include coverage for things you may not have thought of, like protection for your accounts receivable records and or computers and media. There’s even an option that can help replace lost income when your operations are suspended and can no longer operate due to a covered loss.

Commercial Property Coverage Tailored for You

No two businesses are exactly alike. With our flexible coverage options, you can tailor coverage specifically for your business’ unique needs both today and as your business evolves.

If you operate a business from out of your home, business-related items are more than likely not covered under your standard home owner’s insurance policy. Make sure you review it in detail, because it will probably be worth your time to look into a business policy to ensure your assets for your home business are covered as well.

At Copeland Insurance Group, we understand the needs of the small business owner and the right insurance needs to cover property in the event of loss. Please call us today so we can assess your needs and have your business covered for any unforeseen damages.