The Walmart Sales Opportunity

Copeland Insurance Group is one of a few Field Marketing Organizations (FMO) that work closely with DirectHealth & Walmart in manning the yearly Health Insurance in-store program in several Walmart locations across the United States during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Health Insurance Booth at a local Walmart store

What this could mean to you!

  • The SALES Opportunity. Thousands of people visit a Walmart in your community every day. Now that the opportunity includes both ACA and Medicare Advantage products, everyone who walks by is a potential sale.
  • The Referral Opportunity. Although you may not sell to everyone that visits your booth, you will be giving them your business card and making them aware of your expertise. If treated well, they will tell their friends and family.
  • The Advertising Opportunity. Walmart wants to become the #1 healthcare provider in the industry; so the opportunity to purchase health insurance in stores will be heavily advertised by Walmart, steering more potential customers to your booth.
  • The Recognition Opportunity. For several weeks, customers will see you as they go about their shopping, associating you with answers to their healthcare questions.
  • Branding from the largest retailer in the United States. Walmart provides in-store support, and in-store awareness with a kiosk, special literature, signs, brochures and posters.

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"We think of our relationship with The Copeland Insurance Group as a partnership, and we rely on them for agent on-boarding and keeping us up-to-date on compliance issues. This frees up my time to help agents launch successful careers and reach their financial success."
Mark B. - Principal