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Say Hello and Meet your Support Staff!

As a Copeland Insurance Independent agent, you’ll be able to count on the team below to assist you with everything you need to free yourself from the day-to-day nightmares of running your own business. We'll provide you with all the resources you need to sell some of the best products available in the insurance marketplace.

President & Licensing Director

Becky Hancock, President/Licensing Director

Becky Hancock
President/Licensing Director


Cathy Gatlin, VP/Chief Compliance Officer

Cathy Gatlin
VP/Chief Compliance Officer

Leslie Lane, Compliance Associate

Leslie Lane
Compliance Associate

Human Resources and Accounting Services

Heather Mayfield, Director of Operations

Oversees all Finance, HR, and business operations

Heather Mayfield
Director of Operations

Tina Jarvis, Accounting Associate

Agent Commission Processing

Tina Jarvis
Lead Commission Specialist

Jessica Neitzel, Accounting Associate

Agent Commission Processing

Jessica Neitzel
Commission Specialist

David Williams, Accounting Associate

Co-Op and Business Expense Account Payables

David Williams
Accounts Payable

Charry Blalock, Commission Specialist

Agent Commission Processing

Charry Blalock
Commission Specialist

Vice President

Jan Walsh, MBA, PAHM®, Regional Vice President

Jan Walsh, MBA, PAHM®
Regional Vice President
Cell: 310-498-0992
AZ, CA, CO, DC, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, MD, MA, MO, MT, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, UT, VA, WA, WI, & WY

Dusty Singleton, Sales & Marketing Director Houston

Dusty Singleton
Regional Vice President
Cell: 903-720-8087
AL, AR, FL, KS, LA, MS, NM, OK, TN, & TX

Under 65

Joey Brignac, National Sales Director

Joey Brignac
National Sales Director-Under 65 Markets
Cell: 214-205-1066

Medicare Supplements

Johnny Y'Barbo, National Sales Director- Medicare Supplements

Johnny Y'Barbo
National Sales Director- Medicare Supplements
Cell: 214-206-5330

Sales & Marketing Directors

Denise Reid, Sales and Marketing Director

Denise Reid
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 903-475-4341
Dallas - Fort Worth

Rob Warnock, Sales and Marketing Director

Rob Warnock
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 478-297-5687
GA, DC, SC, NC, VA, PA, NJ, NY, MD, & MA

Margaret Wong, Sales and Marketing Director

Margaret Wong
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 808-265-8870

Alejandra Ruiz, Sales and Marketing Director

Alejandra Ruiz
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 281-619-4235

Dwayne Gueno, Sales and Marketing Director

Dwayne Gueno
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 713-855-7090

Debbie Allen, Sales and Marketing Director

Debbie Allen
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 903-331-3290
AR, LA, Waco & East TX

Marta Montero, Sales Manager

Marta Montero
Sales Manager
Cell: 786-863-5765
Miami, FL

Ricky Campbell, Sales and Marketing Director

Ricky Campbell
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 251-979-3377
AL, FL, MS, & TN

Javier Bermudez, MBA, Sales and Marketing Director

Javier Bermudez, MBA
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 210-777-0124
Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, & Rio Grande Valley TX

Elsa Isais, Sales and Marketing Director

Elsa Isais
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 915-342-0020
El Paso TX & NM

Sarah Thomason, Sales and Marketing Director

Sarah Thomason
Sales & Marketing Director
Cell: 480-331-8506
AZ, NV, & UT

Broker Coordinator Team

Kasi Deloe, Broker Coordinator

Kasi Deloe
Broker Coordinator

Brandi Phillips, Broker Coordinator

Brandi Phillips
Broker Coordinator

Broker Servicing Team

Kimberly Martinez, Broker Servicing Associate

Kimberly Martinez
Broker Servicing Associate

Chiquita Talley, Broker Servicing Associate

Chiquita Talley
Broker Servicing Associate

Kristy Willett, Broker Servicing Associate

Kristy Willett
Broker Servicing Associate

Group Health

Karla Heath, Group Heath Coordinator

Karla Heath
Group Health Coordinator


Melissa Campbell, Licensing Administrative Assistant

Melissa Campbell
Licensing Administrative Assistant

Special Projects

Oralia Rabadan, Special Projects

Oralia Rabadan
Special Projects


Cameron Downing, National Technology Trainer

Cameron Downing
Logistics Coordinator


Lindsey Downing, FE, Life, and Annuities

Lindsey Downing
FE, Life, & Annuities

Recruiting / Development

Shannon Henderson, National Recruiting and Development Manager

Shannon Henderson
National Recruiting & Development Manager

Cara Gray, National Recruiting and Development Assistant

Cara Gray
National Recruiting & Development Assistant


Lesley Pettigrew, IT and Marketing Assistant

Lesley Pettigrew
Marketing Manager

Kourtnie Jeter, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Kourtnie Jeter
Marketing Associate

Information Technology

Stephen Leath, Information Technology

Stephen Leath
IT Director

Joshua Blalock, Information Technology

Joshua Blalock
IT Analyst I

Product / Research / Reporting

Carissa Welch, Product / Research

Carissa Welch
Product / Research

Tammy Porter, Walmart Program Director

Tammy Porter
Product/Research Assistant

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