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Copeland Agent App Overview

Copeland wants to see you THRIVE!
So we created an app to be your
Sales Pocket Manager.

Copeland App Presentation
Feature 1

Set personalized goals for each of your carriers

My Appointments, set and keep track with notifications

Set Reminders with notifications

Instantly Email your team leader with One touch

Feature 2

Need guidance or have questions? Easy access to Copeland Contacts

Receive the latest updates from YOUR Carriers

Compliance Alerts in one place with easy access

Easy Access, to all carrier’s online quote engines


  • All Copeland events at your fingertips
  • Rapid connection to CIG Helpdesk (tech support)
  • Know the weather, based on your location at a glance
  • Easy access to the Copeland Portal for even more information and tools
Agent Sales Pocket Manager

Copeland Agent
Pocket Sales Manager

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Watch our tutorial video below!

How do I register as a new user?

View our tutorial video to learn how to Register as a New User.

I need help with the setup process.

We walk you through the First Time Sign-in / Set Up process in our Training video.

How do I let the app know I've made a sale?

You can add new sales using the Achievements Panel.

How do I use the app to get quotes from all my carriers?

Get quotes from your carriers, and access the Copeland Quoting App, using the Online Quoting Tool.

Where do I see alerts from the carriers I follow?

Get the latest updates from all the carriers you follow using the Carrier Alerts Tool.

Can I save events to my Calendar?

Yes! With the Agent Events Tool, you can view and save any upcoming events to your device's calendar.

Can I directly access the Copeland Website from the app?

Yes! Visit the Copeland Portal to access the Copeland Website directly from within the app.

How do I get in touch with my team leader or other Copeland contacts?

View and get in touch with your Team Leaders and Representatives with the Copeland Contacts Tool.

Can I get leads to interested clients in my area?

Yes! With the Copeland Leads Tool, you can request new leads at any time.

I'm having problems with my devices. How do I get help?

If you need any guidance or have questions, feel free to submit a ticket to the CIG Helpdesk, which you can access from within the app or on our website.

Can I email my team leader directly?

Yes! By clicking the Email Us button, you can email your team leader at any time.

How do I view my profile?

Our Training video will explain how to View and Edit your profile.

How do I change my profile picture?

Our Training video will explain how to Change your profile picture.

How do I edit my carriers and personal goals?

In the "My Profile" Section, you can Edit your Carriers and Personal Goals. We explain how to do so in our Training Video.

How do I add new carriers?

In the "Personal Goals" Section under "My Profile", you can Add New Carriers to your carrier list and start tracking your sales for that carrier right away.

Where can I access other Settings and view the current Local Weather?

You can find other app settings and information, as well as your local weather, in the Settings Panel.