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The Advantages of Pursuing a Career as an Insurance Agent

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Hospital + Clinic Opportunities

With many hospital and clinics spaces available during the year, Copeland Insurance Group provides you with yet another way to succeed as an insurance agent.

Copeland Insurance Group has worked for several years to secure our presence in some of the best hospital clinics throughout Texas and beyond. Year after year, we continue to add new clinic locations for our independent agents.

For you, it's a great opportunity to become the agent for any number of clinic customers by providing them with valuable information in a face to face environment. Because you are seeing these customers at the point they receive medical care, you are able to establish yourself as the person who is on hand to answer their health insurance questions.

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Copeland Insurance Group offers hospital and clinic spaces Copeland Insurance Group offers clinic and hosptial spaces
Copeland Insurance Group offers walmart spaces Copeland Insurance Group offers walmart booths

The Walmart Initiative

  • Big SALES opportunity
  • Strong Advertising opportunity
  • Recognition opportunity
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